1. Many roofs are leaking into the attic and we don’t even know it. With so much insulation in our attic and a vapour barrier under the insulation, many roofs are leaking. We assume our roof isn’t leaking because we don’t see signs of leakage in our main living quarters.
  2. One nail not sealed can cause a roof leak and interior house damage. I have this to be true time and time again. Make sure all the nails on your roof are sealed.
  3. Not all shingles are equal. Some seal better than others. More important than the shingles is…the shingler, and his experience or lack of it.
  4. Not all rubber or ‘ice and water shields’ are equal. Don’t go cheap on this one.
  5. Nails not put in straight or fully cause shingles to lift. Shingles that are lifted do not seal and are the most likely ones to snap or blow off.
  6. The black short pipe on your roof is called a bathroom pipe or stack pipe. The plastic or rubber flashing at the base of this pipe, is a favourite target for raccoons and or squirrels.
  7. Use a quality caulking when sealing or repairing your roof…Not tar. Tar is temporary at best and only hides the roof issues that caused you a roof leak or problem. A bathroom roof vent and an attic roof vent are not the same. They look different and perform differently.
  8. If you have a leak around you chimney, the usual source of the problem is the roof flashing at the base of the chimney…not the brickwork on the chimney.
  9. A roof does not age uniformly. The south side and the west side of a roof age before the other sides due to the sun intensity and more freezing and thawing.