Why did the shingles snap off, blow off or become dislodged on your roof ? The problem usually comes down to 2 main reasons:

  1. The shingles that were put on your roof OR
  2. The installer of the shingles


There are several manufacturers of roofing shingles these days and they seem to be getting better in quality. All these asphalt (fiberglass) shingles have an important component….the self-sealing strip. How does it look? It’s usually runs the length of the roofing shingle, about 1’’ wide and it’s black, tar- like in color and appearance.

The self-sealing strip is there so that one shingle will seal to the next shingle (the shingle above it.) The thickness of this self-sealing strip varies from one roofing shingle manufacturer to another. The thicker the strip, the better it will seal to the next shingle.

At least one American shingle manufacturer gives a 10 year guarantee that their shingles won’t blow off. How can they make such a claim ? It’s because they have a high quality self-sealing strip. The shingles are almost impossible to take apart without damaging them.

Other manufacturers go cheap on their self-sealing strip. Some of their shingles seal, others don’t.

Remember: The thicker the strip the better shingles seal to each other.

Shingles don’t seal to each other in cold weather. Ideal weather conditions for shingles to be installed is written on shingle package.


The biggest issue I run into during roof repairs of shingles blown off is improperly installed or nailed shingles.

The exact place where you nail a shingle is written on the shingle bundle wrapper. Some installers don’t read the instructions on proper nail placement on shingles.

At least 50% of the time I repair shingles blown off, the nails were installed in the wrong place.

Usually the nails were too high ( 3 or 4 inches). A nail should secure the roofing shingle it’s put in, plus the shingle that was installed just before it. This is a major fault. The wind can lift up and dislodge the shingles.

Improper placement of nails on shingles (too far left or right) also causes problems, i.e. roof leaks. This is happening with the new designer shingles. Again, this is happening because the installers are putting the nails in the wrong places..

Nowadays most roofers are using nail guns on new roof or roof replacements. Improperly calibrated, nail guns can shoot the nails right through the shingles. If the nails aren’t securing the roofing shingle to the roof sheathing, the shingles can blow off. Also, if the nails are not put in fully or put in at an angle, the roofing shingle will not lay flat thus not allowing it to seal properly. The shingles that are not nailed fully or at an angle, will be raised a bit and will look lifted. Shingles that are lifted also allow dust to blow underneath it, further inhibiting the self-sealing feature.


The predominant winds in our part of the country are from the west. We usually find blown off shingles on the west side in most cases.

We recommend the following when repairing or replacing shingles blown off:

  1. Match the color of shingles as close as possible.
  2. Seal all nails used to install new shingles.
  3. Seal underneath shingles with a quality caulking.
  4. Nails should not be exposed on repairs.

Follow the above steps and the new shingle replacements will NOT blow off.

Good Luck !