1. You hear a dripping sound above your ceiling or behind a wall. There may not be any visible signs of leakage but you hear a dripping sound.
  2. You see a pale yellowish circular stain on your ceiling…i.e. A water stain.
  3. You see a bubbling of stucco or dry wall on your ceiling or wall.
  4. You see water dripping from the ceiling or a bathroom ceiling fan or a pot light or any celing light fixture, or a ceiling dry wall nail or screw.
  5. A wall has a bubbling or an exposure of dry wall tape.
  6. A water stain on the floor (perhaps under the carpet) or a swelling of wood flooring at the edge of the floor and wall.
  7. Shingles missing from roof, either blown off or removed by animals.
  8. Roofing nails not sealed on roof.
  9. Exposed wood on roof.
  10. Shingles snapped back on roof (exposing nails or seams between shingles).

Quick Tip: When you drive up or walk up to your home, make it a habit to look up at your roof and do a visual inspection because above all …is your roof.