New house homeowners are rightfully shocked when their roof leaks. They find it hard to believe. They also find it hard to believe that the warranty on the new roof can be somewhere between 1-3 years.

The standard warranty on a new roof (excluding New Homes) is usually 10 years on the labour responsible for the roof.

The reason I don’t find it shocking that a new roof on a new house is leaking is because:

  1. It appears that the new roof has never been inspected. If it has been inspected then why are so many things (nails on vents, flashings, seams etc not sealed.) An inspector would think that a new roof should not have an ounce of caulking, an ounce of prevention? Hard to believe.
  2. Building codes insure ample amounts of insulation are in the attics of new homes. This is good. Roof leaks are often hidden and delayed ( from entering your living quarters) from the insulation soaking up or absorbing water from above. Not so good.

Sometimes roofs leak and it takes a while till the wood rots, the insulation gets over saturated and the ceiling crumbles. On one repair it took 8 years before the ceiling collapsed. But the roof had never been inspected, maintained or even looked at.

If the builder buys the cheapest shingles he can find, the cheapest labour he can find and doesn’t have to have the roof inspected on his 1-3 year warranty, well…No, I’m not surprised a new roof on a new house leaks…Just saying.