When you’ve been in business for decades it’s interesting, to me, to come across a roof leak that makes you say, ‘Wow…Really ?!?’.


Roof leaking in master bedroom. Water actually dripping onto the bed. The house and roof are new, only four years old. No one has been on the roof since the house was built.

When the homeowner went into the attic, above the master bedroom, they found the insulation was saturated with water. Having had a rainy spring and summer the insulation had finally had enough. The water then ran over the ceiling, found an opening and dropped, drop by drop, onto the bed.

The Roof Inspection:

I found the usual ‘new house’ shortcomings on the roof, i.e. no sealant or caulking on any of the nails used to secure the attic vents, the bathroom vents, the bathroom pipe flashings, the furnace pipe flashings etc.

Above the area of the leak was a hole, about the size of a loonie, through the shingles. What was unusual about the roof damage was the fact that the damage appeared to have come from the inside, not the outside environment. The wood and shingles were bent outward from the attic.


Somehow the new roof on the new house was damaged from or during the construction of the house. It took years of rain coming in before the insulation became so saturated it over flowed.

This is not uncommon. It is not the purpose of attic insulation to absorb water from a leaky roof but it does it nonetheless…to a point. In theory it took 4 years for the roof leak to show up in the living quarters…4 years !


Repair the roof, repair the shingles, seal everything on the roof and you’re good to go!

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