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How much does a roof repair cost?

The cost depends on the amount of work needed but it starts at $250.00

Do you install new roofs?

Not anymore…We do roof repairs, roof maintenance and roof inspections.

Can you match the color of shingles?

In most cases yes. Keep in mind shingles fade over time being exposed to the sun.

Will roof maintenance make my roof last longer?

Shingles have a natural life. Roof maintenance is more about preventing roof leaks.

Why does my roof only leak sometimes, not every storm?

Certain leaks only show up when rain storm comes from a less common direction. Most of our winds come from the west.

I have shingles missing on my roof, why don't I see a roof leak inside my house?

The insulation is soaking up the water and a vapour barrier is probably holding water.

What should I do if I suspect my roof wasn’t properly installed by the builder and/or roofing contractor?

Have it inspected. Inspections start at $250.00 and usually include pictures of any areas requiring repairs or maintenance work.

Is it safe to assume a brand new roof on a brand new house has been installed to the highest standard of quality?

Unfortunately not. Imagine roofing as being largely an unregulated trade. Also imagine that no inspections are being done on these new roofs.

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