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What is a Roof Maintenance?

This service includes:

  • a full inspection of your entire roof to see what is required to make your roof as watertight as possible.
  • sealing and renailing of all at-risk areas. It may also include installation of the correct roof vent for the ventilation of a bathroom fan. Roof maintenance can cover:
    • exposed nails on main roof body.
    • roof vents ( newer homes could have up to 10 attic vents on the roof).
    • bathroom vents (2-3) or stack pipe flashing (2-3)
    • furnace pipe
    • roof cap sealing
    • roof valleys
    • skylight flashing
    • missing, cracked or shifted shingles
    • missing vent

Areas addressed during Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance starts at $450.00 (plus taxes)

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