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Shingles Blown Off

If you notice shingles missing or see some roofing shingles on the ground, that usually means one of two things:

• Strong winds have blown roofing shingles off the roof.

• Animals are causing damage to your roof.

Either way, water can now enter you roof and attic…even though you may not see the signs of water damage for some time inside your house.

Timing is everything and now is the time to do something about it.


Roof Leaks

If your ceiling or a bathroom fan or a light fixture is dripping water, that’s a roof leak…and that’s pretty obvious.

It may sound strange but you’re actually lucky in a way. Now, you know something is not right with your roof and you can have it corrected. Many other homes have roof leaks all over the place and they never know water is soaking into the attic insulation.

If you suspect you have a roof leak, it’s best to do something about sooner than later. The longer the roof leaks and the more water that enters your home, the more expensive the repairs will be.


Animal Damage

Raccoons and squirrels are the usual suspects in our neck of the woods. Birds are also a nuisance.

Signs of Animal Damage:

• Roof leaking
• Roofing shingles or bits of roofing shingles, on the ground.
• Attic insulation on the ground or, perhaps, exposed on your roof in the eavestrough (gutter) area.
• Bare wood can be seen on the roof from the ground.
• Shingles torn up around roofing vents, pipes and/or roof flashings.

Animal Damage causes roof leaks. The animals are attempting to get into your house and into the attic space. The sooner you address the problem the better off you’ll be. Make it a habit to glance up at your roof when you’re outside taking a walk or working in the garden.


Weather Damage

Strong winds can certainly damage a roof. If shingles haven’t been properly sealed or if shingles have not been properly nailed, they can blow off your home.

Some roofing shingle manufacturers recommend extra nails plus additional sealant (caulking, for example) on shingles that are most likely to be at the receiving end of strong winds. In our locale, the predominant winds are from the west.

Heavy rain doesn’t necessarily cause damage to the roof shingles but heavy rains certainly do test the quality of the roof installation .

Hail or hail stones (especially ones the size of golf balls) can certainly cause damage to the roofing shingles on your home.

Your Home & Roof Leaks

Whether your roof is old or new, you are unfortunately prone to roof leaks.

Although it isn’t always easy for a homeowner to catch a leak before it gets bad, there are some early signs to look out for.

Pay attention to the following warning signs:


Water Spots

Grey, brown, yellow stains on your ceiling



Signs of mould or mildews



Grey or yellow stains on your ceiling


Exterior Signs

Missing shingles, black stains etc.

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